Sponsor Help

Welcome to Rosh Hashanah Honey, where charitable organizations have turned for their New Year’s fundraising efforts for over 20 years. If you have dealt with RHHoney.com before (formerly Katelyn’s Honey) you should know that we are the same great people, but now with a new branding and new web site.

Whether you are a returning sponsor or new to our program, you must first register online to participate. It is here that you specify your organization’s unique coupon code and set your selling price. If you haven’t done so already, click here to become a sponsor. Once you have done that you may have some questions. The retail FAQ questions are found in our navigation menu, but here are the questions most sponsors ask:

Do we have to register online if we participated before?

Yes. Our new system that allows UPS tracking and other features depends on it. By registering online can you set your selling price and the unique coupon code which our new system uses to identify your orders.

What is our cost / how do we discount the honey?

You get to set your selling price when you sign up. Our retail price is $15, but you can discount it as much as you like. If you sell the honey for $8 your friends will love you, but you won’t make any commissions for your organization.

What is our deadline for placing our orders?

Online orders need to be placed by September 16, 2016 to guarantee delivery by Rosh Hashanah 2016. We will take orders after that, and they may arrive on time but we don’t guarantee it. Orders placed using the traditional paper method need to be in by September 1, 2016.

Can we ship internationally?

Yes. Our international shipping adds $15 per bottle to your order. 

Do you offer label customization?

In the past we were able to customize bottle labels. Although FDA and other considerations prevent us from customizing bottles, we can customize the enclosed gift cards with your logo and a message that identifies their gift as part of your organization’s fundraising program.

Do you have order tracking?

Each order is tracked using UPS tracking, and each customer can log into their account and obtain tracking information.

How can we tell how many of our customers have purchased?

You log into your account (the account you set up when you signed up) and you will be able to see your organization’s sales and see the commissions due.

When will we receive our fundraising commissions?

Your check for commissions will be sent you no later than 2 weeks after Rosh Hashanah.

Our Help Files

We have some help sheets that will aid you in your fundraising effort. There are three ways you can participate in our program. Regardless of which method you use, we have some forms for you to make the process easier. Download the forms which match your needs best:

1. Using our new online process exclusively (new sponsors use this)

  • Online Helpsheet to hand out to your contacts to aid them in understanding the process

2. Using the traditional paper card method (only for returning sponsors)

3. Using both (only for returning sponsors)

  • Combo Helpsheet to hand out to your contacts to aid them in understanding the process